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Oral Cancer Screening & Comprehensive Exams

Oral cancer can affect anyone. Risk factors include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and excessive sun exposure, amongst others. During your comprehensive examination the oral cavity and soft tissue structures within it are scanned for abnormal spots, red or white patches or intraoral lumps or bumps. Upon such findings, a small sample of the tissue may be selected for microscopic examination. Early detection is the most important factor in determining the success rate of treatment.

dental xrayDigital X-Rays & Intraoral Photography

Our office has gone completely “digital”. Digital x rays can use up to 90 % less radiation than traditional analog film and processing. This we feel is a fantastic benefit to digital imaging. Intraoral photography has really improved a patient’s understanding of their oral condition and the treatment that we provide. Suspect teeth or cavities can be imaged and shown to patients when certain treatments are being recommended. We can document broken filings, cracks, decay, and soft tissue lesions or suspicious patches/spots that we would like to monitor or investigate.

Our brand new “SOPROCARE CAMERA” – we are very excited to offer this for our patients to help aid patient education and early detection of gingival inflammation and early tooth decay. This camera allows us to expose images of your teeth and gums with different wavelengths of light that help us identify areas of early tooth decay and gingival inflammation. Patients seem to learn more from a photo than from a discussion.