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I have an emergency and I don’t have any dental coverage. Can we make payment arrangements if I require extensive treatment?

Yes, we can discuss you care and the associated fees at the time of service. We will do our best to relieve pain and discomfort at your first visit, but you may require another visit(s) to complete the necessary treatment.

I don’t like having xrays taken, is it ok if I request that no xrays be taken?

Yes, you can request it. Often radiographs or “xrays” help us as clinicians diagnose your oral condition. Without them, we are limited to our ability to detect problems with our eyes and our instruments, which can make early detection of decay and periodontal disease next to impossible. Dental radiographs are taken on an as needed basis with a focus on reducing patient’s exposure with barriers and digital radiographs (which can produce up to 90% less radiation than your older standard radiographic films).