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Tooth Whitening

In-office and at-home bleaching trays: We offer two different ways to whiten your smile. In office bleaching is completed in one appointment at our office and allows patient’s to leave with a whiter smile following their visit.

At home bleaching trays are made from a custom mould of your teeth and are designed to deliver just the right amount of whitening agent to your teeth. This method is used over a week to two week period and results can last for up to 6 months.

Also, patient’s receiving in office bleaching may also choose to bleach at home for best results.
Ask us how we may help you whiten your teeth.


Bonding is a technique of adding and sculpting dental filling material to tooth structure to create a more esthetically pleasing smile or to repair a chipped or broken tooth. Bonding is easy and painless and the results can be dramatic. Bonding or Veneers can be used to close spaces between your front teeth if you so choose.


Veneers can be completed by one of two methods. Either bonding can be used to reface an intrinsically stained or misshapen tooth, or a porcelain veneer can be placed. Porcelain veneers require minimal reduction of the tooth structure where a very thin wafer of veneer material is produced by a lab and is cemented to the front surface of a tooth. Veneers can be used to hide dark stains, mask the appearance of chipped teeth, and can be used to make small orthodontic corrections to rotated or tipped teeth.

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