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General Dentistry

Tooth Removal

Unfortunately, not all fractured or badly infected teeth can be restored. These teeth should be removed and options for replacement may be considered.


Most commonly, teeth are now restored with a white composite resin material that is bonded to the internal aspect of the tooth. Other materials that exist include dental amalgam (silver fillings) and fluoride releasing dental restoratives. There are benefits to each type of material and we aim to match the restorative material to each clinical situation.

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth with extensive decay or a deep crack may cause a great deal of inflammation within the tooth and can lead to discomfort or a “toothache”. In other instances, some teeth suffer a loss of vitality over a longer period of time (the tooth dies) and may become infected resulting in an abscessed tooth. Root canal treatment requires that we clean out the internal compartments within the tooth known as the pulp chamber and root canal system. Once clean, the tooth is sealed off and restored with a bonded filling and potentially a crown. Root canal treatment is designed to remove discomfort and infection and allow the patient to keep their teeth.

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